Welcome to Air Clean Place, your source for everything related to purifying, humidifying and dehumidifying the air in your home.

We are a team that has come together to help you achieve cleaner, healthier and more comfortable air in your home by providing you with helpful guides and practical advice.

Clean air is not just a preference, it is a necessary requirement for a healthy and comfortable life.

Air Clean Place is a place where clean air is a way of life.

Meet Our Team

At Air Clean Place, we know the foundation of our success is our exceptional team. Each team member has a unique experience and passion for improving indoor air quality that makes our work efficient.

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Sandra Wells is the author of our in-depth articles and an expert on indoor air quality. Sandra loves writing as much as she loves sharing her experience and advice with our readers.

Her journey began with an unquenchable curiosity about the air we breathe. After earning a degree in Environmental Science, Sandra set out to help others improve indoor air quality.

Laura Banks, founder of Air Clean Place. Her journey to create this company began with a deep realization of the importance of clean air to human life. Inspired by this realization, Laura earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, driven by a dream to share her knowledge with the world.

Today, she is an expert in air purification, humidification and dehumidification, and the heart and soul of our mission.

James Rowe is a great researcher in our team, always getting into people’s questions and identifying the latest developments in air quality. If you have any feedback, some questions, want to contribute or even share your story, feel free to email us at info@aircleanplace.com.

David Robles is our designer and technical specialist. David has expertise in web design and development to ensure a great user experience for our visitors.

We, the Air Clean Place team, are united by a common desire to provide you with the most comprehensive and reliable guides and share our knowledge on achieving cleaner and healthier indoor air.

Thank you for choosing Air Clean Place as your trusted source!

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