Best Oil For Humidifier

What Is The Best Oil For Humidifier? [3 Competing Options]

Humidifiers have earned their place in our lives. They do a great job saving our skin and lungs from dry air. But that’s not all. They have one more perk to give us: treatment with essential oils. Not only do I inhale clean and perfectly humidified air, but I can also have aromatherapy. How about we talk about the best essential oils we can use in humidifiers?

What Is The Best Oil For Humidifier

The choice of essential oils, of course, depends on personal preferences and your goals. I love so many, but I’ve got 2 absolute favorites: the first one is lavender essential oil that brings tranquility and relaxation, and just a few drops help me solve insomnia issues, and the second is tea tree oil. This one has robust air purifying properties, cleaning the air from fungus and bacteria. And I just love the scent.

Here are 3 popular products that I tried and want to share my experience and information about. If you are looking for top-quality essential oils, dive in.

Lelior Fragrance Oil (50ML): Santal Collection (Santal 18)Scent: a mix of cedarwood, vanilla, and musk

Special feature: aromatic, pure
Aroma Manor Gift Set of Hotel Collection Diffuser OilScent: gift set (18 scents)

Special feature: aromatic, pure
Plant Therapy 15 & 15 Essential Oil Set with Carrying CaseScent: Citrus, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Patchouli

Special feature: undiluted, aromatherapy, pure
Best Oil For Humidifier

Essential oils for humidifier use: product descriptions

Let me get into more details about these products, so you can decide and select the best essential oils.

Lelior Fragrance Oil (50ML): Santal Collection (Santal 18)

For this fragrance oil, the manufacturers mix essential oils. This well-balanced essential oil contains vanilla essential oil, musk, and cedarwood essential oil. Cedarwood belongs to stimulating essential oils, helping you focus and increasing your brain activity. Musk will make you feel relaxed and well-rested, and vanilla will lift your mood and even act as a mild aphrodisiac.

Inhaling the essential oils of this concoction was a profound experience for me that made me feel relaxed and energized at the same time.


  • A harmonious mixture of essential oils
  • Pure and natural without any additives


  • No variety, no possibility of mixing

Aroma Manor Gift Set of Hotel Collection Diffuser Oil

This set has 18 essential oils in it, and you can find the best essential oil to your taste. There are sweet, flowery scents, sugary, fruity aromas, and rich, woodsy fragrancies (My personal favorite – COCO.) All the components are natural and absolutely safe.


  • Natural and safe formula without supplements
  • A lot of mixing options for a tailored approach


  • It may be sometimes unavailable because of high demand

Plant Therapy 15 & 15 Essential Oil Set with Carrying Case

This essential oil set was designed specifically to provide customers with health benefits. So the choice of the essential oils is a result of the selection based on the therapeutic effect of certain essential oils.

Boost your immunity and get more health benefits with eucalyptus oil, stop the anxiety with citrus oil, slow down with lavender oil, and support your immunity with tea tree oil.


  • Pure, undiluted formula
  • Certified aromatherapists on staff
  • The possibility to create multiple variations of fragrances
  • Specifically designed for health-boosting


  • Some customers may find the therapeutic specialization of the set limiting

Navigating through a vast variety of essential oils: a handy guide

If you are committed to choosing the best essential oils for humidifier use, my easy guide will make it easy. I’ll walk you through the most common and the best essential oils that are amazing and that I absolutely love. I hope it helps you find the best essential oils for humidifier use.

Best Oil For Humidifier

Peppermint essential oil

My go-to cold remedy. Peppermint oil does wonders if you catch a cold. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular essential oils. Diffusing several drops of this oil will provide immediate relief and help fight the cold symptoms. Also, peppermint is a fantastic energy booster. A drop of peppermint works wonders defeating grumpy mood and making the world a much happier place to live in.

The oil may be invaluable for athletes, too as it brings relief to sore, overworked muscles.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil has precious anti-stress and anti-anxiety qualities. But I think that diffusing essential oils of bergamot is so popular because of the aroma these essential oils offer. It’s so invigorating and lively and makes any space cozy and inviting. Use it in the morning, and you are guaranteed to be full of energy and joy throughout the day.


Rose essential oil

One of my favorite essential oils for humidifier use, this one smells divine. It smells like… roses. But that is not all. Rose oil helps deal with anxiety and stress and lowers the blood pressure and the pulse rate. Tried and tested.

Patchouli essential oil

This oil has a very specific scent. Patchouli oil has rich, musky aromatic notes that are sweet and tangy at the same time. Used in an essential oil humidifier, patchouli oil gives us a sense of tranquility and makes us feel happy.

Eucalyptus essential oil

This oil is widely renowned for its therapeutic qualities. Adding it to the essential oil humidifier purifies the air killing bacteria that may be harmful. Your battle with the cold will be much more effective and less stressful, and the headache is very likely to go away after an aromatherapy session.

Eucalyptus essential oil
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Tea tree essential oil

We all know of the wide use of tea tree in skin care products. Adding essential oils extracted from the tea tree gives us more benefits. Anti-inflammatory properties are handy in avoiding infections and seasonal viruses. As for me, I enjoy the fragrance. It’s so fresh and crisp that immediately improves my mood and makes me feel positive and ready to tackle any problem.

Cardamom essential oil

First of all, cardamom gives us a mood boost. That in itself makes it one of the best essential oils for humidifier use. But that is not the end. Its warming effect makes it a powerful tool in anti-cold therapy. It’s actually widely used as an important ingredient of digestion ailments and cough syrups. It also smells lovely – sweet and tangy.

Lemon essential oil

Among the essential oils for humidifier use, this oil takes its well-earned place. It’s one more cold and mood-buster. Also, lemon oil possesses other qualities, too. For example, if you diffuse essential oils extracted from lemon, they provide relief from morning sickness. Besides, lemon oil does wonders for the skin: it fights acne and heals wounds.

Lemon essential oil

Marjoram essential oil

This oil used in essential oils humidifiers can raise your spirit. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time. The scent of marjoram is quite subtle, but non-intrusive and elegant.

Lavender oil

I saved my favorite oil for the last. Apart from its wonderful calming and relaxing effect, it also boasts antibacterial features and can help with pain. It’s such a feel-good oil. It never fails to ease my stress and anxiety and always improves my mood.

Lavender oil

In conclusion

After arming you with all the info you need about essential oils in general and several products that I tried and tested, let me share my humble opinion. Out of the three options above, I’m choosing the Plant Therapy 15 & 15 Essential Oil Set. I had a lot of fun mixing different oils and creating unique and amazing fragrances. You may enjoy it, too.

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What is the best humidifier oil for a cold?

Eucalyptus, cardamom, and lemon oils are the choice cold busters among essential oils.

What is the best liquid to put in a humidifier?

The most viable option is to use distilled water.

What humidifier oil is good for breathing?

Among the many essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties are lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree.

Is it safe to put oil in humidifier?

Don’t put oil in a traditional humidifier. It may be harmful to the device that is not suitable for that purpose. Only use an essential oil humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier.

What oil is best for humidifier?

It depends on personal preferences. Try geranium essential oil, lavender, vanilla, or peppermint oil first, then scout on.

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