Can you clean Dyson air purifier filters properly

Can You Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filters Properly?

Can you clean Dyson air purifier filters properly? Dyson is a brand of air purifiers that is famous for its high-performance device for air cleaning and freshening in dwellings and offices. The devices are famous for their reliability and safety.

Any device requires periodic maintenance to keep it efficient and extend its service lifetime. These words refer to the air purifier filters as well.

Supposing somebody asks: “Can you clean Dyson air purifier filters?” you will certainly answer: “Yes, I can, it’s simple”. Do you remember: there is nothing more complicated than seemingly simple things? So I’d like you to give your answer before and after reading this article.

Are you a proud owner of an advanced air purifier under the Dyson brand? Please join us. We’ll tell you all you need to know about your air purifier.

can you clean dyson air purifier filters
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Regularity of cleaning a Dyson filter

To be sure the air indoors is sufficiently clean it is recommended to wash a Dyson air filter not less than 4 times a year. However, the recommendations differ.

As I guess, the matter is not to exceed this permissible interval between cleanings.

Failure to adhere to this periodicity may result in unpleasant consequences such as the deterioration of your Dyson purifier resulting from the clog of the filter.

The dirty filter may reduce the durability of your Dyson purifier.

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Types of Dyson air filters

Before selecting the process for a Dyson air filter cleaning, you need to verify the filter installed in your purifier.

All Dyson purifiers use an advanced Dyson HEPA filter. There are a few purifiers equipped with more than one filter. The carbon filters, together with HEPA, are intended to neutralize unpleasant odors.

HEPA filter is capable of removing up to 99.97% of the particles of about 0.3 microns in size (e.g. pet dander) providing the highest air quality level.

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Compliance with the safety rules is the primary requirement

Compliance with the rules of safe cleaning is the primary requirement.

The first and foremost safety requirements

The device should be unplugged and turned off prior to the cleaning process. Otherwise, there appear risks of injuries or electric shock.

For cleaning the filter you won’t need extra tools, a vacuum cleaner or a brush will do. Check if the brush is not too stiff. Stiff bristles may cause damage to the Dyson air purifier filter.

Thirdly, don’t wash the filters with chemical cleansers as they may corrode your air purifier filter.

Don’t neglect cleaning the surface of the air purifier with a wet paper towel or other moist soft cloth.

Description of the filter cleaning process

With all the preliminary information required, you may proceed to the guide for cleaning a Dyson air purifier filter.

Steps of cleaning Dyson air purifier filter

The route of cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter can be conventionally divided into six steps.

The first step of cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter

After turning the air purifier off, open the top of the air purifier filter by means of buttons or lathing.

Refer to the user manual instructions for disassembling the air purifier.

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The second step of cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter

In some Dyson air purifiers, there is a cylinder for a filter. To pull out the dirty filter from the cylinder it is enough just to unscrew the cylinder.

The third step of cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter

Dust may be removed from the dirty filter by a vacuum cleaner. This is safer than wiping with a stiff brush.

However, you may prefer cleaning with a brush with soft bristles.

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The fourth step of cleaning the Dyson filters

Upon clearing out the Dyson air purifier filter from dust it’s high time to rinse it under cold water preliminarily tapping the filter slightly on a sink or suitable bin to remove dust. Taping ensures that the finest residuals are removed.

Place the filter in another bin and continue to rinse. In the process of washing the murky liquid is becoming purer.

Wash Dyson filters with cold water until it becomes transparent.


Wash filters only with cold water. It is not allowed to wash filters with hot water. This is risky for the deterioration of the filter quality.

To perform this step is allowed only for waterproof devices.

It is not allowed to add washing agents or chemicals into the water. They are harmful to the material of Dyson air purifiers.

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The fifth step of cleaning the Dyson filter

Prior to inserting the filter into the filter cylinder, it is required to air dry the wet filter in a location with moderate temperature for day and night to achieve complete drying.


It is not allowed to dry filters in a microwave or tumble dryer. Only air-dry is suitable for air for the Dyson air purifier filter.

Don’t dry the air purifier filter close to an open flame.

Dry the filters for 100%. Air purifiers with wet filters will not operate.

The sixth and final step performed to clean air purifier filters

Make sure that the cleaned filter is completely dry, then proceed to reassemble the clean filter.

Upon properly aligning and securely fitting the clean filter(s) place it/them again into the casing.

Make sure the Dyson filter(s) is/are inserted into the filter compartment correctly.


Check the tightness of the fixing to prevent any gaps or loose joints.

Incorrect rebuilding may lead to improper operation of the purifiers.

After turning the device on, reset the filter indicator using the remote control function. Press the “Night mode” button and hold it until the countdown appears on the display. Reset is completed at zero indication.

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The issues we’ve discussed in this paper mainly cover the rules for, and ways of proper process to clean the Dyson air purifier. Though they are seemingly straightforward even the slightest failure to follow them may result in adverse consequences.

The most important thing is to be careful and comply with all safety requirements.

It is very important to clean your Dyson air purifier properly. This will ensure its highly effective performance, durability, and high-quality air in the dwelling or office. See and strictly comply with the detailed instructions provided in this article. It will help you to maintain the efficiency of your device.

Remember: fireside comfort to a great extent depends on the air quality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dyson filters be washed and reused?

Yes, they can be washed and reused. When answering “yes” we mean rinsing but not washing in the full sense of the word.

It is possible to reuse the Dyson air filters providing that they are not worn-out and and their service lifetime has not expired yet.

Is Dyson air purifier HEPA filter washable?

It is allowed to wash HEPA only if it is labeled as washable. If there is no such label, refuse washing and be sure to comply with the instructions attached to your device.

However, with the rapid development of high technologies, some restrictions may left far behind.

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