Do Air Purifiers Remove Candle Scent From Your Home

Smart Guide: Do Air Purifiers Remove Candle Scent From Your Home?

If you are a fan of scented candles, you may wonder about their influence on your health. Are scented candles dangerous for your lungs? Can they affect your indoor air quality? If so, do air purifiers remove candle scent from your indoor air?

Here we are to answer all your questions and take care of your indoor air quality!

Do air purifiers remove candle scent?

Having an air purifier is anyway a great option. No matter if you are going to use scented candles or not, taking care of your indoor air quality is always essential.

However, for those who use scented candles in the room, air purifiers are the best helpers. Equipped with carbon or particle filters, they are capable to improve your air quality and remove the candle toxins efficiently.

Keep in mind that HEPA filters can’t do this job, so read the manufacturer’s instructions before trying to purify your indoor air.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Candle Scent
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Why scented candles are dangerous?

When we get scented candles to make our room smell nice, we usually don’t think much about the other side of their effects. Have you ever wondered what makes these candles smell nice and how these contaminants affect your indoor air quality?

The bad news is that scented candles are a hazardous source of indoor air pollution. Since they have a big deal of scented oils in their content, they are prone to release harmful contaminants into the air while you are burning candles at home.

While scented candles burn, they emit a list of air pollutants:

  • Acetaldehyde
  • Acrolein
  • Formaldehyde
  • Naphthalene
  • Other harmful contaminants

So, when you inhale the smoke coming out of burning candles, you can experience a wide range of respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Besides, they can intoxicate your food or drink that is placed nearby.

What is more, candle soot and smoke can stain different surfaces in your home and become a potential source of health issues. Some sudden symptoms like coughing, asthmatic attacks, other breathing issues, permanent headaches, blocked nose, or skin irritations, don’t come out of the blue. They are triggered by the contaminants that fill your room while you burn candles.

Finally, burning candles that are made of paraffin wax is harmful itself. This substance is prone to emit harmful toxins when burnt, even if there are no fragrances added to the candle material.

The observations show that beeswax candles are much safer alternatives to paraffin ones. While beeswax burns cleanly, paraffin wax produces black soot while burning candles made of it.

Besides, beeswax is known as a natural air purifier, which makes it a surely better option instead of paraffin wax. While burning, these candles release negative ions that naturally improve your air quality by binding with toxic molecules.

Another good option is soy candles, which are more eco-friendly than paraffin candles. Although they don’t have such a bright scent, you won’t end up with air pollution in your home.

What can you use instead of scented candles?

For those who like to have a pleasant scent at home, it can be difficult to refrain from burning candles at all. So, are there any other variants that can add fragrance to your home atmosphere without affecting its quality?

Two safer alternatives to scented candles or air fresheners don’t affect your home air quality:

  • Essential oils
  • Oil diffusers

Instead of scented candles, you can use scented diffuser sticks that can fill the area with a pleasant scent without any health risks. Besides, they don’t emit any smoke that can cause respiratory issues.

How do you get rid of the scented candle smell?

Before you start burning scented candles, keep in mind that candle scent removal is quite a difficult task. However, several hacks can help you to freshen your house air from the candle scent.

Tip #1: use baking soda. You can leave an open box in the candle-scented area, or fill the bowl with baking soda. As a natural absorbent, it can remove candle scent from your air.

Tip #2: make use of charcoal. This is one more natural deodorizer, so you can remove candle fragrance by keeping some charcoal in the affected area.

Tip #3: switch on the air purifier. Equipped with the right type of filters, these helpful devices can help you deal with airborne particles that come from candles.


Can you still smell candles with an air purifier?

If the air purifier’s technology allows that, you can remove smoke and fragrance from the indoor air. However, keep in mind that both air purifiers and candles can be designed differently. Before using your device in the same room with scented candles, double-check with both manufacturer’s instructions.

Do air purifiers remove fragrance?

Yes, they do. However, not every kind of air purifier can do this task.
Make sure that your air purifier is equipped with a carbon or particle filter. HEPA filters are designed in another way so they can’t deal with chemicals that are emitted from candles.

Can air purifiers remove chemical smells?

If your air purifier is equipped with a carbon filter or a particle filter, it is capable of removing chemical contaminants from your home.
If there are any odd chemical odors or gases coming out from different household products or building materials, these air purifiers are good at their removal.

Final thoughts

As you can see, having clean air at home is much more important than using romantically scented candles. To be on the safe side, use more eco-friendly types of candles and scented products that can’t be hazardous to your health.

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