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What Does a Dyson ‘F’ Code Indicator Notify of?

All devices of the Dyson brand are famous for their high performance, reliability, and safety.

The Dyson smart vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, and so on, in addition to all their brilliant properties, have various sensors that keep you informed on the real-time state of your device.

Even a simple listing of all the advantages of Dyson devices would take far more than one article limit. Therefore, I decided to select one of them to present in our article: the ‘F’ error code system.

As the Dyson ‘F’ error codes differ merely from one device to another, I’ll take for illustration the ‘F’ error code system used in Dyson air purifiers.

What Does a Dyson 'F' Code Indicator Notify of
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Decyphering of the ‘F’ error codes used in Dyson air purifiers

A Dyson air purifier comes with LED indicators to let a user know that a certain trouble appeared. An ‘F’ code indicator refers to a filter. If your Dyson air purifier is blinking ‘F’ indicator notifies you that something is wrong with Dyson filters*. This may indicate improper installation or clogging of a filter.

*All Dyson air purifiers come with a HEPA filter installed. Some models have two or more additional carbon filters.

The ‘F’ code with three vertical lines

When 3 vertical lines beside ‘F’ on the front bottom of a device start flashing, it is a sign of due time for a Dyson air filter change.

Blinking ‘F’ with three bars beside it doesn’t always signal an error. Carbon filters are changeable components with a certain lifespan. Usually, when a programmed time to change the filter comes, the blinking ‘F’ appears automatically once a year.

This means that you should perform the purifier’s filter replacement process and the reset of the filter indicator of your Dyson purifier.

What Does a Dyson 'F' Code Indicator Notify of
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Procedure for replacement and reset of an air filter

To replace the filter on a Dyson air purifier, you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions since each filter replacement process has specific peculiarities. The Dyson air purifier blinking ‘F’ may continue after the filter change. To remove it, just reset the air purifier.

To reset the air filter, you can select one of two methods: with a remote or without a remote. To reset the Dyson air purifier without a remote is possible if the Dyson application is available.

To reset an air purifier is also easy and requires only a few steps to be performed. Hold your remote close to the air purifier, then press and hold the power button for at least 6 seconds. If the flashing bars don’t disappear, repeat the same process.

Other ‘F’ codes

One of the upsides of a Dyson air purifier is that this device informs a user on what is wrong with the air purifier filter through a few additional LED indicators displaying other error codes.

However, it is worth mentioning that the particular filter error codes and their meanings can vary between Dyson air purifier models.

F1 code

This code indicates the problem with the Piezoelectric charge. The problem can be easily resolved after you turn off and unplug the device. Turn the device on after 1 minute. In case of failure to eliminate the problem, perform the same process again.

F2 code

In the devices with UV-C light, activation of the ‘F2’ code means the wrong light emission. To fix this problem, you should perform the steps similar to those applicable for the ‘F1’ error. In case of a persistent problem, the UV-C light should be replaced.

What Does a Dyson 'F' Code Indicator Notify of
image source: heatertips.com

F3 code

This code can appear with the Dyson air purifier if your device is located in a room where the temperature is below 5°C. To eliminate this error, you should raise the ambient temperature. Keep in mind that the temperature should be at least as high as 5°C.

The next steps are similar to F1 and F2 codes. Turn off and unplug the device, wait for 60 seconds, and then turn it on again.


The F4 code on the Dyson air purifier indicates an energy supply failure. To resolve this problem, you should first perform the same steps as with the F2 and F1 codes. If the problem remains not eliminated, consult a dedicated service center.


I’ve failed to find a clear explanation concerning the F5 code activation. I think that it shows the same problem with the power supply as F4. However, the processes applied to eliminate F2 and F1 might be helpful.

Final words

My article includes, but is not limited to, the answer to the common question: Why is my Dyson air purifier blinking ‘F’? I’ve also attempted to present other ‘F’ codes.

Hope that the information I’ve collected for you will help you ensure the best operation of your device.

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What does F mean on Dyson?

The letter ‘F’ on a display is an error code. The ‘F’ indicator flashing means that something is wrong with a filter. Typically, the ‘F’ with 3 bars beside it indicates the need to replace a filter.

The ‘F” codes followed by the numbers, such as ‘F1’, ‘F2’, ‘F3’, and so on, indicate particularly what type of error requires your attention.

What does F with 3 lines mean on Dyson fan?

If 3 horizontal lines beside the ‘F’ letter take up the vertical position, this means that an air filter should be replaced.

How do I get rid of the F on my Dyson fan?

If the ‘F’ indicator continues to blink after replacement of a filter, you should reset the filter indicator. Just press the ‘Standby Off/On’ button on the remote control and hold for 6 seconds.

What is the F1 fault on the Dyson humidifier?

The ‘F1’ error code on the Dyson humidifier indicates incorrect installation of water in the humidifier tank, incorrect power connection, or malfunction of internal electrical components.

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