Homedics Air Purifier Blinking Red Light: Best Guide

Homedics Air Purifier Blinking Red Light: Troubleshooting

Contamination of the air is a severe threat that poses a considerable risk to the environment and human health. Currently, industrialized countries are implementing new programs to combat pollution and prevent environmental catastrophes.

But solving environmental problems requires not only huge financial outlays but also time, human resources, and technology. Luckily, progress does not stand still, and today we can take care of the microclimate at home using a purifier to clean indoor air.

Types of air purifiers vary depending on their application purposes. The air purifiers configured with a Hepa-type filter are used to remove the majority of harmful particles and irritating allergens from the air. Activated carbon units are used for water purification and the elimination of chemicals.

The purpose of ionic devices is to eliminate microscopic particles and different volatile organic compounds. UV-C light fresheners are designed to transform toxic gases and make them less harmful contaminants.

HoMedics air purifier – ideal appliance for using at home

You might not know it, but indoor air may contain more pollutants than outdoor air. That’s why, while searching for the best freshener, the choice must be approached quite thoroughly. If you’re looking for a trusted brand, HoMedics is one of the best.

Homedics Air Purifier Blinking Red Light
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HoMedics air purifiers have a duct system to circulate air through HEPA filters that collect contaminants and other airborne particles.

Usually, filters are made of fiberglass and mesh and require regular upkeep.

Why is HoMedics air purifier blinking red?

Blinking red lights on the air purifier can be caused by various reasons, and in this article, we take a look at some of the most common ones and give recommendations for their elimination.

A red blinking light issue

A red blinking light on the air purification device is an automatic filter change reminder that signifies some potential factors, such as urgency to change the filter, air quality issues, or faulty and broken devices.

Replace the filter

Seeing the presence of a blinking red light, you need to perform such actions as removing and cleaning the air filter in the HoMedics air purifier.

The HoMedics air purifier has an indication sign that starts blinking red when the HEPA-type filter is clogged with pollutants and various fine particles.

This is a useful reminder to maintain a cleaner environment by changing the filter at regular intervals.

Homedics Air Purifier Blinking Red Light
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In this case, check the guidelines and follow the next steps to properly change the purifier filter:

  1. Deactivate the HoMedics air purifier.
  2. Dispose of the grill cover and set it aside.
  3. Disinfect the area from any fine particles and dismantle the deactivated filter of the HoMedics air purifier.
  4. Install a filter and reposition the frame to its former place.
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The cleaner inlets or outlets blocked with an accumulation of particles also lead to the light blinking red. In such an event, it is necessary to clean all the outlet vents and confirm that there is nothing stuck in the cleaner.

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HoMedics air purifying units with UV-C bulb technology

UV-C light (ultraviolet light) is commonly used in most HoMedics air purifiers. UV-C light radiation destroys microbes, bacteria, and viruses by modifying their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

Eventually, the organism’s death is a result of negative changes that prevent it from reproducing.

When switched on,the LED indicator light for UV-C bulb technology gives out a blue color on the control panel, and it functions. If the freshener illuminates with a red light, it signals that the UV-C bulb has burned out and therefore to be substituted with a new one.

If that is the case, check the guidance and follow the next steps to properly change the purifier filter:

  1. Deactivate the appliance by ejecting the power cord. Dismantle the UV-C bulb cover. But first, you need to compare the UV-C bulb in the bulb package with the UV-C bulb type cited in the manual. The filter can only be replaced if the types are identical.
  2. Next, unbolt two screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver from the UV-C bulb cover. The cover will be detached easily. 
  3. When removing the cover, grab the defective UV-C bulb very gently. You should not apply too much force.
  4. Install the new UV-C bulb. Grab the new bulb and put it into the cavity. Remember to avoid using too much force.
  5. After installing the new UV-C bulb in place, return the light bulb cover. Bolt two screws with a screwdriver and rack up the filter.
  6. Hook up the air purifier. Check the purifier cord. Broken wall outlet connections or loose plugs can become reasons for the outlet or plug overheat. Be sure the plug fits tightly in the outlet.
  7. If the blinking red light has disappeared, we can say that the UV-C bulb is successfully placed.

HoMedics air purifier red light flashing still visible

If your HoMedics air purifier blinking red condition persists even after changing the filter, it’s advisable to reset it.

Reset the HoMedics air purifier blinking red light

You can fix the LED light issues by resetting the red light once the HEPA-type filter has been changed or cleaned.

The freshener should be cut off, and then all settings will be reset to their factory settings.

Make certain that there is nothing in the air intake of the air purifier unit.

  1. Disconnect the Homedics air purifier from the socket.
  2. Connect the air purifier.
  3. Reset the settings.
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Air quality checking

Certain cleaners have detectors for air quality surveillance. If the air quality detector finds low air quality in your environment, it will activate the HoMedics air purifier blinking red light.

Get HoMedics customer support

If you are unable to troubleshoot the problems, get in touch with customer service. They will do their best to help you deal with the issue or suggest repair or replacement of the air purifier.

Bottom line

The HoMedics Air Purifier has been developed to provide clean air.

In this specific instance, it is crucial not to ignore the blinking red light on the device, as the red light can denote a variety of problems, from failure of the device itself to inadequate air quality.

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Why is the red light blinking on my HoMedics air purifier?

Red is the color of the button light on the control panel when the UV-C bulb breaks and requires replacement. The UV-C button light will become blue after completing the replacement.

Why is my air purifier blinking?

When the red light illuminates a red color, it speaks of several problems, such as reminders to change the damaged filter. With a filter working properly, errors or faults, air quality issues, and others.

How do you reset the filter light on a Homedics air purifier?

Depress and hold the filter clearing indicator until the LED indicator is off. Ensure the cleaner is off and the cord is pulled out of the socket.

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