How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier: In Just 7 Steps

How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier: 7 Easy Steps

An air purifier gives you several benefits. The air is clean, you suffer less from airborne pollutants, and the overall air quality is nice and healthy. Some purifiers can even get rid of odors and allow a better sleep environment.

There’s just one catch. Most of these dirty particles are now in your air purifier. And you’ve got to take care of that.

This article will explain how to clean a Levoit air purifier safely and easily. We’ll also touch on how you can replace the dirty filters for clean air.

how to clean a levoit air purifier
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The right time to clean Levoit air purifiers

The following information is written in the user manual:

The outer filter should be cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks to increase efficiency and extend the life of your filter.

Clean the pre-filter using a soft brush or a vacuum hose to remove hair, dust, and other particles.

If 3 weeks have passed, and you notice that that crisp clean air you felt a week before is not as crisp now… It`s time to clean Levoit air purifier.


  1. A Levoit air purifier (the article is based on the 400s model, but any other Levoit model will do).
  2. A pair of gloves.
  3. A face mask.
  4. A damp cloth + dry cloth.
  5. A soft brush (replaceable by 6th a vacuum cleaner).
  6. A vacuum cleaner plus a brush attachment.
  7. A cotton swab.
  8. A user manual (just in case).

Do not clean the filter with water and other liquids. It can cause mold to grow within the filter. The maximum you should allow is a slightly damp cloth. Harsh chemicals are also a no.

It is best to clean the device on a carpet. You can accidentally scratch an air purifier if you clean it on floor tiles. The carpet is softer and poses no scratching danger.

How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier
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Ready, set… begin cleaning!

Now the cleaning process begins. We’ll explain everything, step by step. There are different kinds of Levoit air purifiers, but this order of actions should fit most of them.

Step 1. Turn off the device

Turn the Levoit purifier off. Unplug it from the wall outlet as well.

The control panel can tell if the device is off.

Step 2. Remove the bottom lid

To do that, rotate the Levoit air purifier bottom side up.

There’s a handle on the lid. Take it and turn to the arrow with the word “Open“.

Step 3: Take out the inner filter

You’ll see the inner filter when you put the lid up. The inner filter resembles a cylinder with small dots underneath the filter cloth.

The inner filter consists of the so-called pre-filter. It’s a white cloth that catches lint, fibers, hair, and pet fur. Under it lies the harder part called the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). It catches fine dust particles, smoke, pollen, and pet dander.

You should take the inner filter out of the purifier and put it on the floor. This way it’s easier to clean the filter.

Step 4: Clean the inner filter

Vacuum the surface of the filter using a soft-brush hose attachment. This should help remove any excess dust. Gently clean it. Even if it’s really dirty, don’t use abrasive cleaners. Now the air filter should look whiter and more pleasant to the eye.

How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier
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Step 5: Clean the exterior surface

Now vacuum the surface of the purifier. The outer part shouldn’t be as dirty as the inner part, but it still requires your attention.

If you see any stains, you can wipe them with a damp soft cloth.

Then let Levoit air purifier dry. If you leave it wet and continue using the device, water can cause mold to grow on the purifier’s surface.

Step 6: Clean the air quality sensor (extra)

You can find the quality sensor in most Levoit air purifiers. The most distributed model, the one you probably have, Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, comes with the air quality sensor as well.

Since the sensor is located in a different part from HEPA filters, this cleaning process has its little steps:

  1. Open the sensor cover and expose the air quality sensor. It is placed in the middle and has the words “AirSight Plus” engraved. AirSight Plus is a technology that uses a high-sensitivity laser dust sensor to scan the air for allergens.
  2. Clean the air quality sensor lens with a damp cotton swab.
  3. Allow the sensor lens to dry properly. You can wipe it with a clean dry swab to speed up the process.
  4. Close the air quality sensor cover.

Step 7: Put the pre-filter inside

Now that the Levoit air purifier is sparkling outside and inside, reassemble the device.

The Levoit purifier must air dry completely. Only then proceed with reinserting. Put the pre-filter inside the outer casing and put a lid on top of it. Then turn the lid to the arrow with the words “Close” engraved.

Flip the Levoit air purifier again. The control panel should be on top now. And you’re done! Soon your indoor air will become fresh air again.

How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier
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A piece of advice for the filter replacement

The Levoit air filter might be good at its work. But it still needs replacement from time to time. Let’s break down when and how it should happen.

The recommendation is to replace it every 6-12 months.

The good thing, your Levoit air purifier can remind you of the replacement. Many Levoit air purifiers come with a filter replacement indicator. An icon resembling a filter will light up when your air purifiers need some replacing.

The order of replacement is this:

  1. Turn off and safely unplug the Levoit air purifier.
  2. Put the Levoit air purifier the bottom side up.
  3. Open the lid by twisting it towards “Open”.
  4. Take out the inner filter.
  5. Unbox the replacement filter.
  6. Put the new HEPA filters inside the appliance.
  7. Put the lid back on.

As for the best filter replacement candidate, read the user manual. Most sources recommend using a genuine Levoit air purifier filter replacement. If you’re unsure about your pick, contact Levoit customer support.

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How to take care of your air purifiers?

Wiping your Levoit air purifier is a good thing to do, of course. But proper maintenance will save you a lot of nerve and prolong the work of the air purifiers.

Your user manual has the right recommendations, but here’s the list just in case:

  • Consult the user manual about the air purifier if you have questions. The technology varies widely from brand to brand. Your owner’s manual is your best resource for arising problems. Don’t try to do something new with the device before reading the manual.
  • Don’t block the air circulation. When the air outlets are blocked by objects or are too close to the wall, air can’t properly circulate. Levoit air purifier continues working in vain.
  • Get rid of plastic packaging thoroughly. Levoit air purifiers tend to come wrapped in a lot of plastic. If you don’t remove all of this packaging, you’re bound to face some difficulties in improving air quality.
  • Don’t place objects on top of your air purifier. Heavy objects can damage your device or worsen filtration efficiency.
  • Don’t operate outside or on wet surfaces. Operating an air purifier outside or in water is not only ineffective but also increases the risk of fire, electrical shock, and injury. Direct sunlight is also bad for the air purifier, so keep it out of sunlight.
  • Keep the near area neat. Just because air purifiers release clean and fresh air, it doesn’t mean that the surrounding area can be a mess. Vacuum the area to remove dust and trapped particles. It minimizes the strain on the Levoit air purifiers.
  • Check the sensor regularly. The air quality sensor needs regular checking and wiping.
  • Check the indicators regularly. A message read in time might save your purifier. The indicators will tell you if something is wrong with the device or if the filters need a replacement.
  • Replace air filters regularly. Don’t neglect to replace the filter at recommended intervals if your air purifier uses replaceable filters.
  • Clean Levoit air purifier regularly. Not many people understand this, but regular cleaning prolongs the work of a unit. Abstain from abrasive chemicals.
  • Don’t run a damaged air purifier. Strange smells or noises from the air purifier are a sign of malfunction. Some parts might be broken and if you continue using the air purifier, things may grow worse.
How To Clean a Levoit Air Purifier
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Why do people choose a Levoit air purifier?

This air purifier brand has made quite a name. You probably own one too hence you’re reading this article.

Every Levoit air Purifier is equipped with 3-stage filtration. On top of the already discussed pre-filter and the main HEPA filter, there’s also a layer of high-efficiency activated carbon.

This layer allows an air purifier to get rid of unpleasant smells and fumes.

At the moment the Levoit Core 200S air purifier, as well as 400s and 600s versions seem to be the most popular customer choices.

Taking care of your Levoit air purifier is also quite easy, as you’ve read in this article.


You’re now a pro in the question of how to clean a Levoit air purifier. Still, you might have other questions about air purifiers.

Can you clean a Levoit air purifier?

Yes, you can, and probably should. Use a vacuum cleaner on the surface of the filter to remove excess dust. The cleaner can be replaced by a soft brush attachment.

Note that cleaning with water is generally not recommended. Some products, though, like Vital 100 have removable pre-filters that can be separately washed. The filters must be dry before placing them back into Levoit air purifiers.

Using abrasive chemicals is not recommended for Levoit air purifier products.

What is the best way to clean an air purifier?

The best way to clean an air purifier is described thoroughly in this article.
Let’s quickly glide over the order of actions. Turn off and then unplug the air purifier, open the bottom lid, clean filters from inside and outside, and put the parts back together. You might also want to touch the air quality sensor.

The safest way to clean the Levoit air purifier is by vacuuming the filters. Can’t find a vacuum close by? Then use a brush or a slightly damp soft cloth. Every 3 to 4 weeks clean both the interior and exterior.

Filters should be also changed as the time comes. The recommended period of replacement is every 6 to 12 months. As time passes, your air purifier will likely remind you through an app or the replacement indicator.


Knowing how to clean a Levoit air purifier, keep both your device and your indoor air in pristine quality.

Clean and fresh air is hard to achieve, but we cannot properly live without it.

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