How to Clean Dyson Air Purifier: an Easy and Clear Guide

How to Clean Dyson Air Purifier: an Easy and Clear Guide

How to clean Dyson air purifier? Dyson air purifiers are getting extremely popular on today’s market due to their excellent ability to clean the air and get rid of dangerous pollutants that can easily harm our health.

In this article, we will explain to you how to clean Dyson filters correctly. Moreover, you will understand that it is necessary to change them completely once in a while.

how to clean dyson air purifier
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Dyson air purifier filter: a cleansing guide

Cleaning Dyson air purifier filters is quite easy! Make sure to follow our simple tips, and you will do it effortlessly.

Prepare the Dyson air purifier filter

Don’t rush to clean a Dyson air purifier filter. It is important to unplug the device first.

It is dangerous if your air purifier is turned on during the cleaning process, as it may lead to an accident.

Then remove the dirty filter from the purifier. Now it is time to start the process itself.

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Clean your Dyson air purifier filter

Remember that it is forbidden to wash Dyson filters. Moreover, it is better not to use dishwashing liquids. A cleaning solution will damage the filter.

Use a wet cloth to clean the air purifier filter for several minutes. Do it carefully to make sure that all the sides of the air filter are cleaned and that there are no scratches left on the surface.

We also recommend taking several pieces of paper towels for a better result. We insist on wiping quickly, as slow motions can leave scratches.

Dry the Dyson air purifier filter

Leave the filter to air dry, as a wet filter plugged into the purifier is dangerous. The drying process can take a long time, but the use of heating elements is forbidden. As soon as you see that the filter is completely dry, replace it and turn on the purifier.

Don’t forget to reset the filter’s indicator so it will not give you the wrong warnings. Just press the Night Mode button on your remote control. Do it for a few seconds (3-5 will be enough).

Now you see the number indicator counting down.

When you see the zero-number indicator, it means it has been reset.

Here is your clean filter. Now you can use the device again and enjoy the fresh air!

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One more cleaning way

In case you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter and waiting for it to dry after using cold water, you can use another way to clean it.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust mites and some other particles. Make sure that you have the brush attachment. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with a dry cloth (it is also possible to use a paper towel). Now it is finished!

Remember that some Dyson air purifiers have more than one filter. So, make sure to clean them all; otherwise, the device couldn’t work properly, and the air would be full of dust.

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Dyson air purifier: the advantages of using it

Nowadays, a Dyson purifier has become one of the best tools that help you remove dust from the air at home daily. What are the advantages of using this wonderful device?

Clean air is an essential key to a healthy life. The purified air that it produces prevents many health issues, such as allergies, breathing problems, general malaise, and some other problems.

Therefore, it is extremely important to clean your Dyson air filter and change it promptly so it can continue to take care of your health.

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The importance of having a clean Dyson air purifier filter

Some people underestimate the importance of cleaning Dyson air purifier filters regularly, but that is a big mistake. Such negligence can lead to several consequences, such as the malfunction of your Dyson air purifier filter due to its clogging, bad air quality, and ill health.

In addition to that, a dirty filter is also a real danger for the whole machine itself, as it can reduce the duration of its operation and thus destroy it.

However, there is no need to worry, because by using this, you will extend the working capacity of your Dyson purifier as well as take care of your own health.

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The filter needs cleaning: signs

Sometimes you may forget to change the filter, but we strongly recommend that you look for signs indicating that it needs cleaning.

There are several of them:

  • Firstly, if you hear some unfamiliar noises produced by your air purifier, it is a sign that its filter is dirty and needs replacing.
  • Secondly, check its filter indicator, if there is one. If it is flashing or showing a red light, clean the filter as soon as possible.
  • Last but not least, the Dyson airflow indicator can also help identify the problem. A clogged device is one more sign that you need to take action.

For more information about the signs that your Dyson filter needs to be cleaned, refer to your purifier’s user manual.

The frequency of cleaning Dyson air purifiers

Some Dyson air purifier users wonder how often they should clean the filter. In general, it should be cleaned at least every eight to ten weeks.

It all depends on your own use of the Dyson air purifier.

If you prefer to use it every day, you can cleanse your Dyson air purifier filter once a week.

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If there are still some questions about cleaning a Dyson air purifier filter that remain unclear, we have summarized them below so that you are fully aware of how to clean your Dyson air filters and make the air quality excellent.

How do I clean my Dyson filter purifier?

Just unplug the device, take your Dyson air purifier filter out, and clean it with a wet cloth that you soak in cold water for several minutes.
Then let your filter dry. Wait until it is completely air-dried before installing it into the air purifier.

How do I clean my Dyson air purifier tower?

To clean a Dyson air purifier tower, you can follow the same steps as in the situation with cleaning the filter.
Unplug the device and use a wet paper towel to do the cleaning for about one minute. Once everything is dry, you can use the purifier again.

When should I clean my Dyson air purifier?

Dyson air purifiers should be cleansed at least every two months. The more often you use your air purifier, the more often the air filter should be cleaned.
Take into account that a dirty filter is a real danger to your health. Remember that it should be cleaned regularly.

When should I buy a new Dyson purifier filter?

Though you may have a clean filter, it is still necessary to completely change it at least once a year. However, the situation is the same as for the cleaning process: if you use the device every day or so, you may need to buy a new filter twice a year.

How do I clean the Dyson HEPA filter?

HEPA filters are easily cleaned. Just take out the filter, then clean it using quick motions for about a minute. Don’t use hot water and cleaning solutions.
It is better to use only cold water.
Let the Dyson air purifier filter air dry, and then insert it into the device. Now you can use it again. Refer to the Dyson user manual if you still have questions.

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In conclusion

We hope that now you understand how to clean Dyson air purifier filter. Air purifiers are your best life solution if you get used to treating them properly.

Note that if you neglect this cleaning process, it can lead to plenty of devastating consequences, including ill health. We are what we breathe!

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