How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier

How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier: Quick Solution

How to turn off red light on Levoit air purifier? Levoit air purifiers eradicate irritants, in particular, dust, smoke, and mold spores, thereby providing breathable air in the house and alleviating allergic reactions, for instance, congestion, watery eyes, or a runny nose.


If you’re looking for an air purifier that has an impressive array of features, the Levoit air purifier is worth considering.

Its compact build makes it easy to set up and run, while its excellent air filtration capability guarantees healthier and safer surroundings for you and your loved ones.

The cleanser three-stage filtration system contains the following:

  • To optimize the True HEPA filter’s performance, avail the pre-filter to eradicate larger fragments like dust and pet hair. This prevents the True HEPA filter from getting clogged.
  • The efficacy of the True HEPA filter is remarkable when it comes to throwing away the tiniest particles with a high rate of success. Furthermore, the activated carbon filter efficaciously eradicates unpleasant odors or smoke.
How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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How to use

The Levoit air purifier boasts a user-friendly panel with three fan speed options that make adjusting the air quality a breeze.

Pick out from low, medium, or high fan speeds, and let the Levoit air purifier do the rest. Its filtration system efficaciously extracts impurities and circulates clean air throughout your living quarters, and the included filter is specifically conceived to capture allergens and other small fragments.

Integrating operational tasks into your daily routine was never so easy with the Levoit air purifier’s practical timing device function. You can pick out four different time intervals of 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours, and after the designated time has elapsed, the air purifier will shut off automatically. Not only is this feature highly competent, but it also helps to conserve power.

It is imperative to note that the air purifier has a filter replacement indicator that must be heeded to guarantee optimal air quality. Failure to adhere to this vital function may result in reduced efficacy and poor air quality.

How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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Levoit air purifiers malfunctioning

To guarantee safety, it is vital to keep up Levoit air purifiers. If you come across blinking red lights, you can either contact Levoit customer service or study what is set out here to fix the issue. Remember, a little troubleshooting may aid in keeping your device in a prime state.

Levoit air purifier red light flashing

According to the air indicator, the Levoit air purifier red light may be a trait of low air quality or a clogged filter.

To overcome this issue meaningfully, it is advisable to assess and discourse these underlying factors accordingly.

Unsatisfactory air quality or a clogged filter can be singled out by the air quality indicator when the Levoit air purifier red light is powered up. Poor air quality is presumably a result of the Levoit air purifier red light disappearing speedily.

When the Levoit air purifier red light is on, it is indispensable to replace the filter on your device. It is of utmost importance to take prompt action to prolong the durability and throughput of your air purifier.

It’s worth emphasizing that the air quality indicator serves as a valuable keepsake to check your air filter red light periodically. This straightforward and regular upkeep is indispensable for making your Levoit air purifier function at its peak, with crucial importance for protecting your health and overall wellness.

It was pointed out that Levoit air purifiers may clash challenges with the red light for a multitude of reasons.

  • When your air purifier’s check filter light flicks with red light after a six-month term, it’s a wise idea to replace the filter. Failure to replace the filter and reset the check filter indicator might impede the performance of your purifier and hinder the efficient purification of your environment.
  • Installing a new filter and resetting the check filter indicator ensures that the system effectively manages installation concerns to prevent a seamless experience. Otherwise, the air quality light indicator retains blinking, and the device won’t be able to turn off.
How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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Resetting the Levoit filter light

If the replacement is a problem or if you just acquired a new Levoit air purifier, there’s a way to drop the red light. Removing the air filter is the initial step, but resetting the Levoit air purifier red light is not prescribed beforehand.

The air purifier should be switched on. 3 seconds are sufficient to keep the check filter indicator. When you finish the reset, the red light flashing appears three times and then turns off. If the red light continues to flash, you have to know that the filter is to be mopped or displaced.

How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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Auto filter reset

Regrettably, the proposed fixing aforementioned may not always yield the desired outcome.

If the red light stays after attempting those activities, kindly consider the ensuing steps.

  • Power down the device and unplug it. The plug to be properly reconnected, and the power button should initiate the operation of the device. To gain access to the filter cover, use the AUTO button. Once the filter cover is open, reset the vent. This should guarantee that everything is properly functioning and in good order.

Full factory reset

To reset the check filter red light on your Levoit air purifier, it’s best to execute a full factory reset.

This will revive all the settings to their authentic state, and you’ll need to reconfigure it.

Doing this is the most effective and efficient way to fix the problem, and it guarantees that your air purifier is working correctly and efficiently.

Levoit air filter

The Levoit air purifier replacement filter is engineered to provide exceptional air-cleaning performance. Levoit units have a filter indicator button icon on the instrument board to facilitate replacement. When replacing the filter, this button displays a bright red LED light, allowing for hassle-free purifier maintenance.

To deactivate the light on the Levoit air purifier, it is imperative to adhere to the directions provided in the manuals of the different Levoit air purifier models for either washing or replacing the filter.

How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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Replacing the filter

Upkeeping the perfect performance of your purifier is of utmost importance, and one of the key elements contributing to this is the well-timed replacement of the Levoit air purifier filter. Tellingly, the check filter indicator will stimulate the red light when a replacement is requisite. Here are some steps to help you replace the Levoit filter correctly.

  • Disconnect the purifier. To properly take away the old filter, it is imperative that you take out the old filter cover and carefully extract it from the slot. Before proceeding, you must thoroughly inspect the previous old air filter to ensure it is not clogged and needs replacement.
  • Thoroughly wipe the Levoit air filter housing to ensure it is perfectly up and running. Remove any hair or dust with a vacuum cleaner. Prevent using any substances for cleansing purposes. After wiping, place the new filter into the housing and replace the filter cover.
  • To ensure the perfect performance of your Levoit air purifier, push the filter reset indicator button and check for any indication of red light. Congrats on finishing!

For perfect filtration performance, cleaning the pre-filter of your purifier every 2-4 weeks is essential. However, kindly refrain from cleaning the Hepa or activated carbon filters, as they should only be replaced every eight months.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and consistency, use genuine replacement filters. Using filters from other brands may cause harm to your cleaner and lead to subpar air quality.

How to Turn off Red Light on Levoit Air Purifier
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Cleaning the filter

Aside from needing a replacement, air purifiers may also need regular cleaning as part of their servicing.

The check filter indicator red light signals that it’s time to perform this task.

To properly clean your air purifier, it’s essential to address the air inlet and outlet, inspecting for any indications of damage or debris buildup. For helpful instructions on how to clean your Levoit air purifier, refer to this practical guide.

  • For optimal upkeep of your Levoit air purifier, it is recommended to disconnect it and delicately extract the filters from the front filter cover or panel. Once you have removed the filter cover and get access, handling the multiple filters carefully is imperative.
  • To keep your air purifier in great shape, it’s best to wipe the outside with a soft tissue. For the rest, use a moist rag, but the filter housing should be completely dry before using it again. Please prevent using any substances, as they can harm your purifier. Once all filters are clean and dry, put the purifier back together in its original order and plug it in.

If the red light remains after attempting to resolve it, as explained above, you can contact Levoit customer support service.

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Final words

Levoit air purifiers are highly regarded worldwide for their exceptional quality.

However, as with any device, they may experience operational issues that require attention to keep up utmost up and running. It’s crucial to stay informed about potential problems and their solutions to ensure your air purifier continues to work correctly.

This includes regular filter changes, monitoring performance, and preventing red indicators from illuminating the display. By taking these measures, you can ensure your air purifier functions at peak capacity.

Topics & Questions

For an efficient resolution of any issues with the cleaner’s red lights, please refer to this comprehensive list of Q&A. It contains all the necessary information required to resolve the problem efficiently.

Why is the red light not going off on my Levoit air purifier?

When the red indicator light on your air purifier illuminates, it is recommended that you take prompt action by verifying that the filter cover is firmly closed and that the safety fastener is engaged.

This will ensure the device functions optimally and delivers clean air to your environment.

Following these steps as part of routine maintenance is crucial to prevent malfunctions and guarantee your purifier’s longevity.

Why is my air purifier stuck on red?

If the indicator light on your air purifier appears red, it is crucial to understand that the interpretation may vary from model to model.

To ensure that you entertain accurate and customized information, it is advisable to refer to the owner’s manual or reach out to Levoit customer service.

This will enable you to obtain the necessary helping hand and support to address any issues with your air purifier.

Should I leave my Levoit air purifier on all the time?

Maintaining breathable air in an enclosed space is crucial, and an air purifier is an instrument to achieve this objective.

Consistently utilizing an air purifier may result in an escalation of your electrical expenses.

Therefore, using the air purifier judiciously is recommended to optimize its benefits while minimizing its potential drawbacks.

What do the colors mean on the Levoit air purifier?

The air purifier’s filter undergoes a color change, indicating the amount of pollution it has eliminated. The color green implies a fresh filter, while yellow denotes a filter that is still operational but has already absorbed impurities.

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