Winix Air Purifier Blinking Red Light

Winix Air Purifier Blinking Red Light: Causes and Fixing Tips

Winix air purifier blinking red light? Winix air purifiers are one of the most popular options. For those who have one, a common issue is having an LED indicator blinking red light. So, what if the problem persists and makes your Winix air purifier flash a red light? Is it possible to solve it by yourself?

Don’t panic! The red light issues are not so difficult and mostly can be fixed by yourself.

How to understand the Winix light messages?

Winix air purifiers feature an air quality indicator. With the help of this LED light indicator, the Winix air purifier shows you both the air quality and the inner problems if there are any.

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Winix air quality indicator has three color messages to tell you about the current air condition:

  • Blue light is perfect condition
  • Amber light is the normal condition
  • The red light means bad condition

That is not the only meaning of the red light indicator of Winix air purifier. Along with low air quality, it also shows such inner problems as:

  • Clogged filters
  • Wrongly installed filters
  • Dirty sensors

As you can see, Winix air purifiers are designed to inform you about various problems with the help of a red light indicator. To deal with the red light problem, the best idea is to find out the exact cause first.

How to deal with the red light issues?

Winix air purifiers are simple to fix and maintain. There are a few possible causes of Winix red light flashing, and they are possible to fix without any extra tools and complicated guides.

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Now, let’s get started to solve your possible problems in detail!

#1. Air pollution

The air quality indicator is mainly designed to show you the current air condition. Thus, the air quality indicator starts flashing red light due to the high level of air pollutants.

Different contaminants can pollute the air in your home, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and many other airborne particles and allergens. As a result, the air purifier informs you about the bad air condition.

In this case, all that you should do is just improve the air quality. In other words, let the Winix air purifier completely improve your air quality!

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To clean your air from excess contaminants, set the air purifier at its maximum speed and let it work until amber and then a blue light appears on the air quality indicator.

After purifying all the air, check the filters as they can require extra cleaning.

To prevent air pollutant congestion, clean your house more frequently.

#2. Filter clogging

The second most common cause of red light flashing can be hidden in the Winix air purifier filters. If the contaminants gathered from the home air are not removed frequently, they clog the air purifier filters. Thus, the LED light red indicator displays the critical level of pollution due to the dirty air purifier filtering system.

Step #1. Deactivate and disconnect the Winix air purifier.

Step #2. Detach the air purifier’s front panel to see the filters.

Step #3. Take the pre-filter out of the air purifier.

Step #4. Examine the filters thoroughly. If you can see that your old filter is extremely dirty, the best thought is to replace it with a new one. However, if they are moderately dirty, you can simply clean them thoroughly and reinstall them in the air purifier.

Step #5. Detach the filters from the air purifier. With the help of a soft brush, sweep most of the dirt and debris from the filters before washing them.

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Step #6. Wash the filters carefully with the help of clean warm water and mild dish soap. Be sure to get rid of all the mess accumulated inside!

Step #7. Wipe the filters with a clean paper towel, and let them air dry completely. Be sure that they are fully dry when reinstalling them into the air purifier!

Step #8. Following the arrows’ directions of the air purifier, reinstall the clean filters into the machine. Insert the pre-filter as well.

Step #9. Reinstall the front panel and test if the air purifier works correctly.

After the new filters’ installation, the red light problem can persist. In this case, it is enough to reset the Winix air purifier.

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In case the red light continues flashing after this step, the issue can be hidden in the pre-filter that is also clogged. There is no need to replace this part of the Winix air purifier, but never forget to clean it frequently and thoroughly to prevent extra troubles.

In case the blinking light problem persists, give the pre-filter of the air purifier a proper cleaning.

The best rule of thumb is to check and clean the filters and pre-filters in your air purifier every several months to prevent blockages.

#3. Dirty sensors

Another possible cause of Winix air purifier red light issues is dirty sensors that don’t work properly. Along with defining the air quality, these sensors are responsible for the fan speed adjusting according to the readings. So, if the sensors are covered with dust and debris, the readings will be wrong and make your Winix air purifier run poorly.

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Step #1. Deactivate and disconnect your Winix air purifier.

Step #2. With the help of a soft brush, clean the sensors thoroughly to dispose of any mess accumulated on them.

Step #3. Turn the Winix air purifier on and make sure that the red light problem is fixed.

In case the dirty sensor was the culprit of the red light issue, your Winix air purifier will run normally. When the red light flashes after cleaning, look for other reasons.

#4. Filter inserting issues

Sometimes the Winix air purifier red light issue can be a sign of a wrongly inserted filter. Thus, Winix air purifier tells you about the error until you reinstall the filter properly.

Having a True HEPA filter, the Winix air purifier also has inner arrows that indicate the replacement process. Follow the arrows’ directions to replace the True HEPA filter properly.

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Here are a few simple steps that can help you to replace filters properly:

Step #1. Deactivate and disconnect the Winix air purifier.

Step #2. Detach the air purifier’s front panel to see the filters.

Step #3. Take the pre-filter out of the Winix air purifier.

Step #4. Get the carbon filter and HEPA filter out of the Winix air purifier.

Step #5. Follow the arrows marked in the Winix air purifier to insert the new filters in the machine. Insert the pre-filter as well.

Step #6. Attach the front panel back to the Winix air purifier.

Step #7. Press and hold the reset button for a while to restart the unit.

The red lights may keep blinking after replacing Winix filters. In this case, reset the device by pressing and holding the filter reset button.

#5. Resetting tips

Sometimes it is just enough to reset your Winix air purifier to fix the red light problem. The wrong readings can occur despite the clean filters and sensors, but resetting your air purifier will make it run correctly.

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The resetting tips are quite simple to perform if you have a suitable long and thin tool to get the reset button.

Step #1. Look at the red flashing light on your Winix air purifier. There is a small hole in the air quality indicator. Inside this hole, you can find a filter reset button.

Step #2. Press and keep holding the reset button with an elongated and thin object (a paper clip or another similar tool) inserted in the hole. Wait for several seconds to make the Winix air purifier reset after filter replacement.

Final thoughts

Winix air purifiers are quite easy to troubleshoot. Find out the exact cause of your problem, and fix it with the tips above.

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What does the red light mean on the Winix air purifier?

For a typical Winix air purifier, red light tells about low air quality or filter issues.
If the reason is the bad air condition, let the Winix air purifier work until the air is purified and the indicator changes its color to Blue.
The inner issues of the Winix air purifier require other tips. The HEPA filter inside the Winix air purifier can be damaged or clogged, so it needs cleaning or replacing.

Why is the red light flashing on my air purifier?

This problem mostly tells you about either poor air quality or a clogged air filter. For many air purifiers, it is enough to replace the filters or make the air purifier run until the pollutants are taken away from the air.
To prevent red light issues, clean the filter system frequently.
If the fans in your air purifier don’t work properly, you can’t deal with this issue by yourself. Contact the manufacturer to get professional consulting.

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